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  1. Measures for migratory fish, 2015

    Indicator | 16 June 2015

    The construction of dams and pumping stations means that fish migrating from the sea or the major rivers are only able to reach a few streams and polder water areas. Fish passages… more

  2. Quality of macroinvertebrate in fresh surface water, 1991-2010

    Indicator | 17 November 2014

    The quality of macro invertebrates is low for all types of surface water. A good quality was only found at a few sites. Although there was a slight improvement between 1990 and… more

  3. Quality surface water, 2015

    Indicator | 12 January 2016

    Most water bodies do not meet the quality requirements as laid down in the European Water Framework Directive (WFD). The chemical quality is in most water bodies insufficient. The… more

  4. Ozone layer, 1980-2012

    Indicator | 27 June 2014

    The thickness of the ozone layer has decreased by 5% worldwide during the last 25 years, with most depletion taking place between 1980 and 1990. Since the early 1990s, it has… more

  5. Landscape openness

    Indicator | 20 May 2014

    Despite the trend towards uniformity in the Dutch landscape, extremes in terms of the degree of landscape openness can still be found. The most open areas are the large water… more

  6. Exotic species in fresh water, 1900-2010

    Indicator | 7 June 2014

    There has been a considerable increase in the number of new species found in Dutch surface waters. While most new species enter the Netherlands as a result of the trade in pond and… more

  7. Visual disturbance of landscape amenity by wind turbines, 2012

    Indicator | 3 September 2014

    Man-made objects like overground power lines, infrastructure and large commercial buildings (including large animal housing units, greenhouses and business parks) and wind turbines… more

  8. Critical nitrogen load exceedance in natural areas, 2009

    Indicator | 7 January 2015

    About 60% of nature in the Netherlands is exposed to such high nitrogen deposition that vulnerable plant species are being supplanted by grasses and shrubs.… more

  9. Realisation of new Dutch National Ecological Network- nature management by private landowners, 2000- 2012

    Indicator | 24 September 2014

    By 31 December 2012, the total area covered by contracts for nature management by private landowners had grown to 6288 hectares. The 2013 Natuurpact covenant includes the… more

  10. Sustainable production chains: wood, 2005-2013

    Indicator | 30 July 2015

    The market share of certified sustainably produced timber in the Netherlands increased to 74% between 2011 and 2013, primarily as sheet material increased from 51% to 80%. … more



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