The graph has an X-axis with the years 1990 to 2022 and a Y-axis with indices. 
The graph shows average indices and a trend line through the indices for three groups of fauna.
1.	Fauna of land and freshwater or the LPI of land and freshwater
The trend line remains at 100 from 1990 to '96. The LPI will then rise slightly to 114 in 2022.
2.	Fauna of freshwater and swamp or LPI of freshwater and swamp
Of these, the trend line rises from 100 in 1990 to 188 in 2022. In 2008 the LPI is 167. The increase from 1990 to around 2008 is stronger than from 2008 to the last data year - 2022. 
3.	Fauna of land or the LPI of land
The trend line of LPI land drops from 100 in 1990 to 75 in the years 2004 to 2009. The trend line then rises slightly to 77 in the years 2013 to 2016 and finally drops slightly to 74 in 2022.