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  1. Habitat defragmentation measures for infrastructure, 2018

    Indicator | 11 November 2021

    At the end of 2018, of the 176 ecological barriers identified and selected in the Multiyear Habitat Defragmentation Programme, 126 had been removed and 40 partly removed by taking… more

  2. Landscape openness, 2017

    Indicator | 10 November 2021

    Despite the trend towards uniformity in the Dutch landscape, extremes in the degree of landscape openness can still be found. The most open areas are the large water bodies, the… more

  3. Spatial conditions of the national ecological network, 2019

    Indicator | 10 November 2021

    The increase in the area of new nature since 1990 has improved the size and connectivity (spatial conditions) of terrestrial ecosystems in the Netherlands. However, a considerable… more

  4. Nature and Landscape Index

    Indicator | 10 November 2021

    The Nature and Landscape Index (Index NL) indicates the presence and locations of management types of natural and semi-natural areas in the Netherlands and is the basis for the… more

  5. Ecosystem quality (area) 1994-2017

    Indicator | 10 November 2021

    An indicator of the quality of ecosystems is the presence of qualifying species in protected natural areas. Almost 40% of the area of terrestrial ecosystems has a moderately high… more

  6. Ecosystem quality and trends in nitrogen availability, 2018

    Indicator | 10 November 2021

    The environmental pressure from nitrogen deposition has reduced since the 1990s. The total area of terrestrial ecosystems where nitrogen deposition leads to poor environmental… more

  7. Ecosystem quality and trends in soil pH, 2018

    Indicator | 10 November 2021

    In many ecosystems soil quality in terms of soil pH is good. But soil pH in parts of natural and semi-natural grasslands, open dunes and marshland is not yet within acceptable… more

  8. Ecosystem quality and trends in groundwater-dependent ecosystems, 2018

    Indicator | 10 November 2021

    Natural areas where groundwater levels are too low are classified as moderate to bad; the conditions in these areas are not suitable to support the desired level of ecological… more

  9. Conservation status and trends in species and habitat types under the Birds and Habitats Directives, 2013-2018

    Indicator | 10 November 2021

    About 90% of the habitat types in the Netherlands have an unfavourable-bad to unfavourable-inadequate conservation status. About a quarter of the Habitats Directive species have a… more

  10. Realisation of the national ecological network- land acquisition and conversion, 1990-2018

    Indicator | 8 November 2021

    On 1 January 2019 more than 111,000 hectares of land had been acquired (including land for which the designated land use has been changed) for realising the national ecological… more



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