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  1. Realisation of the national ecological network- land acquisition and conversion, 1990-2021

    Indicator | 2 December 2023

    On 1 January 2022 the area of land acquired for realising the national ecological network had increased to more than 117,000 hectares. Following acquisition this land is converted… more

  2. Red List Indicator, 1995- 2022

    Indicator | 17 May 2023

    Since 1995 the number of endangered species increased slightly. However, a noticeable reduction in levels of threat was identified. … more

  3. Trend fauna- all species monitored- Living Planet Index Netherlands, 1990-2021

    Indicator | 29 March 2023

    The Living Planet Index of the Netherlands has increased with 2.2% since 1990. The trend has decreased over the past twelve years. … more

  4. Ozone layer, 1980-2022

    Indicator | 21 March 2023

    The thickness of the ozone layer has decreased by 5% worldwide during the last 25 years, with most depletion taking place between 1980 and 1990. Since the early 1990s, it has… more

  5. Membership of Dutch private nature conservation organisations, 1989-2021

    Indicator | 16 February 2023

    In 2021 the combined membership of the four biggest nature conservation organisations rose to 1,746,416. This is an increase of 4.9% over the figure for 2019. In 2021… more

  6. Farmland bird indicator, 1915-2021

    Indicator | 16 February 2023

    Changes in agricultural practices have caused a significant decline in breeding birds typical of agricultural areas in the Netherlands, starting from the early 20th century. … more

  7. Spatial conditions of the national ecological network, 2021

    Indicator | 19 October 2022

    The increase in the area of new nature since 1990 has improved the size and connectivity (spatial conditions) of terrestrial ecosystems in the Netherlands. However, a considerable… more

  8. Nature and Landscape Index

    Indicator | 18 October 2022

    The Nature and Landscape Index (Index NL) indicates the presence and locations of types of natural and semi-natural areas in the Netherlands and is the basis for the provincial… more

  9. Landscape openness

    Indicator | 18 October 2022

    The most open areas in the Netherlands are the large water bodies, the northern marine clay and peat areas and the IJsselmeer polders. The most enclosed and small-scale landscapes… more

  10. Ecosystem quality and trends in nitrogen availability, 2020

    Indicator | 14 October 2022

    The environmental pressure from nitrogen deposition has reduced since the 1990s. The area of terrestrial ecosystems where nitrogen deposition leads to poor environmental conditions… more



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