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Costs and financing of nature and landscape conservation, 1999-2016

In 2016, gross costs of nature and landscape conservation amounted to 969 million euros. This results in a diminution of 14 per cent compared to the peak year 2009. Government finances 56 per-cent of these costs.

Net cost for nature and landscape conservation increased in 2016

Net annual cost for nature and landscape conservation has decreased by one fifth to 830 million euros compared to the peak year 2009 (exceeding 1 billion euros). Net cost equals gross cost minus revenues.
Between 2001 and 2007, central government contributed more than 500 million euros of the total net cost. In 2016 this was reduced to about 459 million euros. Net costs for industries and privately managed nature conservation organisations were around 370 million euros, of which the nature conservation organisations incurred 279 million euros.

Accounting for expenditure on nature and landscape conservation

An important part of the gross cost for nature and landscape conservation is spent on the acquisition of terrain and management of natural terrain. Acquisition of terrain is often related to connecting previously disconnected high grade natural terrains, following an initiative started in 1990 (Nature Network Netherlands, formerly EHS). It was projected that this initiative would be finalised in 2018 but his time frame has since been relaxed. More than one quarter of the total cost is spent on personnel and housing (operational expenses of the institutions). Further money is spent on education and research pertaining to research and education on nature and landscape conservation.

Financing of nature conservation organisations

Activaties of private nature conservation organisations are, to a high degree, realised through contributions from households. This includes subscription payments, gifts, legacies and contributions from lotteries.

Current prices

All amounts referred to in this indicator are in current prices. These are amounts actually paid in the year concerned.


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