Photo of a wildlife passage over a highway

Nature, landscape and biodiversity

Due to measures to improve the water quality, expansion of the nature area and nature management, the overall loss of biodiversity in the Netherlands has slowed down with the onset of a modest recovery. This latter is mainly due to the improvements of fresh water habitats and marshlands. However, an ongoing loss of biodiversity is most profound in the agricultural areas, with also decreasing trends in open dune habitat and heathland.

The Dutch landscape is foremost a man-made landscape. It is the result of the interaction between man (cultivation and use) and nature (water, soil and ecosystems). The degree of landscape openness is one of the key aspects of the Dutch landscape. On the other hand is the influence of man-made objects on the public's perception of the attractiveness of the landscape.

The editors have selected the most important indicators. Together, they provide a picture of the state and trends of nature, landscape and biodiversity in the Netherlands.